University Advisors Program

University Advisors 2022

The University Advisors Program is an initiative through OFSL to connect fraternities and sororities to our colleagues at Penn. Participating advisors are faculty, administrators, or graduate and professional students at Penn who have volunteered to advise a specific fraternity or sorority for the academic year. Some of our University Advisors work in University Admissions and College Houses.

Greek Alumni Advisors

Greek Alumni Advisors

Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board (FSAB)

FSAB is a 12-member volunteer board comprised of:

  • 4 faculty members
  • 2 members from the Greek Advisory Council (GAC)
  • 2 non-voting administrators
  • 3 Greek-affiliated students
  • 1 non-Greek student

Primary responsibilities of board members include:

  • Attending monthly meetings to discuss the happenings of our fraternity and sorority organizations at Penn

  • Monitoring and advising the efforts of the Intercultural Greek Council (IGC), Interfraternity Council (IFC), and Panhellenic Council (PHC) in achieving the goals and objectives of their strategic plans

  • Assisting with the evaluation and scoring of OFSL Accreditation Program submissions and Greek Award nominations

  • Advising and supporting OFSL in improving chapter compliance with University policies, and addressing any incidents of misconduct related to fraternities and/or sororities