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Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi


Please note – while this role is vacant – If you are unsure who the interim OFSL advisor is for your group please contact to be redirected.

Director for Leadership Community
Interfraternity Council (IFC) Advisor 

Jessica handles:

  • Leadership development and civic engagement programs for the fraternity and sorority community.
  • Community service and annual accreditation processes
  • Advises the Panhellenic Council (PHC) and the Zeta Xi chapter of Order of Omega at Penn
  • Works closely with the Programming Assistant on Greek Alumni Council relations, planning Greek NSO events, and other projects related to student leadership or alumni engagement.

OFSL Chapter Advisor

Jonathan Bell (he/him)
Director for Residential Community

Jon handles:

  • The OFSL liaison to Campus Apartments
  • Advisor to the Interfraternity Council (IFC)
  • Oversees the Greek chapter housing system at Penn.
  • Works closely with the offices of Risk Management, Student Intervention Services (SIS), Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD), Student Conduct (OSC), Penn Violence Prevention (PVP), and Facilities & Real Estate Services (FRES).
  • Supervises the Graduate Assistant for Chapter Housing & Community Development.

Janáe Tucker (she/her)

Interim Director of Leadership Community & Associate Director of Diversity & Co-Curricular Education

Intercultural Greek Council (IGC) Advisor

Janáe handles:

  • OFSL relationships with campus partners
  • Leads our team’s effort to make Greek life at Penn a welcoming and inclusive community for all students.
  • Work with the OFSL University Advisors program to match chapters with volunteer staff/faculty advisors, a Grant Funding Board specifically to support fraternity and sorority philanthropy events and conference opportunities,
  • Bias reporting system for students.
  • Supervises the Intercultural Greek Council (IGC), the Step Show Committee, the Diversity & Inclusion Board (DIB), and the Graduate Assistant for Organizational Development.
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Nicole Harrington
Graduate Assistant for Fraternity & Sorority Life

  • Assists in chapter and community development programs. 
  • Works closely with Philanthropy and Community Service Engagement.
  • Advises a cohort of chapters and co-advises the Panhellenic Council (PHC). 
  • As a graduate student, this position follows a unique graduate student curriculum designed by our office that is tailored to their role and student affairs interests.
Rachel Garrett Canfield

Rachael Garrett Canfield (she/her)
Administrative Coordinator

Rachael handles:

  • Supervises Work Study and Student Workers
  • Serves as the business administrator for the office
  • Assists the Directors in a wide range of tasks
  • She is a member of the OFSL Grant Funding Board
  • Processes all financial documents related to programming, travel & OFSL Events

OFSL Chapter Advisor

Governing Council

Intercultural Greek Council (IGC)

Membership in IGC organizations is open to all, and the Intake/Recruitment process will vary from chapter to chapter on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Each chapter coordinates their own process that is not regulated by the IGC. Both the frequency and timing of the process are at the discretion of each organization. IGC chapters embrace a lifetime commitment and focus on academic achievement, cultural competence, and community service.

IGC conducts recruitment/intake processes which may include interest meetings and/or chapter-specific events where candidates (also known as “aspirants”) can learn about the organization. Some chapters work closely with a Graduate Chapter, comprised of members who were initiated after having graduated college, and/or their inter/national headquarters to receive permission to conduct a recruitment/intake process. All second-semester freshmen, as well as sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to participate in the recruitment/intake if they meet the eligibility requirements.

If you have questions about a specific chapter’s recruitment/intake process, please contact the IGC advisor, Janáe Tucker, for more information.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

There are two major periods in which IFC recruits new members to its 26 organizations (24 men’s and 2 co-ed groups): Informal Recruitment in the Fall semester and Formal Recruitment in the Spring semester. It’s important to note that Informal Recruitment is only for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, which Formal Recruitment is also open to freshmen.

However, only students that meet the eligibility requirements are able to join in the fall. Students must have at least a 2.50 GPA and have 4 completed course units. Individual chapter requirements may apply.

Registration for 2021 IFC Formal Recruitment is coming soon!

For spring recruitment, the process begins by signing up on Campus Director, in which prospective students fill out an e-application that helps OFSL determine eligibility for joining.

After registering, if you would like to request an accommodation due to a disability, please contact the Office of Student Disabilities Services at 215-573-9235 or through their website. Please contact the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life if you would like to request access to an event by calling 215-898-5264.

Panhellenic Council (PHC)

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment is the formal process through which potential new members (PNMs) consider sororities, while sororities choose new sisters. The Primary Recruitment period is comprised of multiple rounds where potential new members visit each of the 8 chapters on Penn’s campus. Through a process of mutual selection, students narrow their choices until they are matched to a sorority following the last round.

There are two major periods in which PHC recruits new members to its sororities: Fall Continuous Open Bidding (COB) in the Fall semester, and Spring Primary Recruitment in the Spring semester. All second-semester freshmen, as well as sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to participate in primary recruitment if they meet the eligibility requirements. Fall COB is only open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Penn Panhellenic is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who identifies as a woman is given full opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of sorority life, regardless of her race, religion, background, socioeconomic status, disability, or sexual orientation.